2/17/09 Entry:

Hi everyone!

Well racing season is here again and we have been busy all winter getting ready for 2009.
This year we plan to compete in the ASCS Lone Star Series as well as the Cowtown Sprint
Series so we should have another full season of action packed racing here in the DFW area.

Here our some note's of interest:

We will be racing 2 shows at a new track in Crandall called RPM Speedway.

During the off season we have been working hard to secure sponsorship for 2009 and you
need to keep checking back as we are hoping to have a few big announcement's soon.

On a sad note one of our great friends and sponsors, Jerry Thomas passed away recently.
Jerry did a lot for our team going back to my years in karting and he will surely be missed.

We would like to take this time to thank one of our fans Mike Kirby for the fantastic pictures
he sent us that he took of our car last season. It's great fans like Mike that make our sport
so special.

Well that's about it for now. So keep checking  back for our weekly up dates. We hope to  
post some pictures of this years cars and so on.

Spike & crew.
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