4/4/09 Entry.

RACE NIGHT 4/3/09:

Hi everyone,

Well our 2009 racing season started off full speed this weekend with our first show at Heart
of Texas Speedway in Waco on Friday night. We got to the track about 3:30 and the weather
was great. 75 and sunny with a light wind. We had about 30 cars show up for the start of the
Lone Star Series.

We drew in at 47 and that put starting last in heat number 3 of 4. When we pushed off for
our heat race we know that the track was fast and it was going to tough to gain and
positions. At the drop of the green flag we took off and the car was good & fast but so was
all the other cars in our heat. Everyone stayed about the same as they started and we
finished last! Not the way we wanted to start the year.

That put us starting 10th in the B and they were taking the top 4 cars meaning we had to
pass 6 cars to get into the feature. Almost impossible but we had to go for it. So we made a
few adjustments to the car put in some fuel and headed back out. At the drop of the flag I
knew the car was good and fast. I worked the bottom of the track and was able to start
passing cars and by lap 10 we were able to drive into 1st place and now passing lap cars.
The checkered flag flew at lap 15 winning the B.

Back to the pit to work on the car fill it full and back to line up 17th for the feature race.
Again the car was good but we had a lot of traffic to deal with and a wreck up front on the
first start. Then another wreck on the next start. The third time was a charm with only 1
other caution and after battling with both the 71 and 4 car we ended the night in 10th.

Over all we had a good night. We want to say hi to all the fans that stopped by to see us as
well as thank all of our sponsors for there support.

Spike & the crew.

PS, The winner tonight was Skip Wilson. We want to congradulate Skip, as Skip and his crew
& car owner JB Cook are not only good friends but have been a great help to us over the
past few years.
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