Posted 4/14/10:

Hi again everyone,

It was back to the Devils Bowl for one more night this last weekend. The weather was perfect when we got to the
track about 80 & sunny. We were surprised that both the sprint car count and the crowd were low with such nice

Again we don’t draw in for a weekly show at the Bowl you line up by your points average for your heat race. The
track was in great shape as we headed out for our heat race. It was a little greasy but not bad.

We took the green flag for our heat race starting 5th and coming off turn 2 our car came out of gear. When that
happened the car right behind had no where to go & ran into the back of us hard and both cars were brought
into the pits to check out the damage.

The other team had damage to their front axle and bolt on parts and we bent our frame at the rear and damaged
our fuel cell shell. Even though it was a racing incident we felt bad for the other team but both of us were able to
get our cars ready for the feature in time.

As we headed out for the feature the track was now dry slick in most areas with a cushion at the top. Being we
started last we tightened up the car and were hoping for a little luck.

At the drop of the green flag we all took off and we were still at the back after the first lap when we tried to go
between 2 cars in turn 2 and spun out bringing out the yellow.
Then at the restart with all the cars single file we were able to find some better lines to pass as the cars were no
longer bunched up.

As the race when on we kept searching for better lines and were able to start moving forward. The car was great
and by the time the checkered flag flew we had made our way from last to second. And as a side note, the car
that ran into us won the race so his night turned out good also.

So over all we had a good night and our now looking forward to this coming weekend racing at Waco Friday
night and Cowtown on Saturday night.

And this Saturday night is the return of Palm Harbor Homes Family Fun Night at Cowtown.
Here's the link to more
information for the promotion and we hope to see you there!

As always we want to thank all out friends and fans that stopped by to say hi and ask you to support our great
sponsors as they support the sport we all love.

Spike and crew.
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