4/20/09 Entry:

Hi everyone!

This weekend was the start of the Cowtown points series. First off it's just amazing that we
were even able to race. Hats off to Bo and the crew at Cowtown for getting the track and
the pits in shape so we could race after 2" of rain. I think Cowtown was the only local track
that raced at all this weekend.

When we got to the track the weather was nice about 75 and sunny. They did not let anyone
into the pits early as the were working to dry them out. We brought out a new car this
weekend as if you remember we hurt one of our other cars last time we were here.

Jessica drew in for us tonight and did great drawing as she pulled a  # 7. That put us on the
pole for the third heat race. We had 23 or 24 cars that showed up.

After we warmed up the car and went out for hot laps we checked the car over and
everything was good so we headed out for our heat race. At the drop of the green flag we
took off and beat the outside front row starter to the first turn. We had missed the set up
some as the car was tight in and loose off and by the time we made it to turn four we had
lost the lead and were in 2nd. I kept working to find a better line and could close back in on
the leader but could find a clean way around so we finished off our heat race in 2nd. That
put is starting the feature in row 3 outside.

We made a number of changes to the car before we went out for the feature.  At the start
the car was loose as the moisture was coming up from the track. Then there was a red flag
and we were able to make a few changes to tighten up the car. At this time there was also a
huge rut in turn 4 and I decided to stay away from that and run the bottom. At the restart the
car was better and the race stayed green the rest of the way with us finishing 5th.

Over all it was a good night and getting some laps on the car was a big help in getting the
set up dialed in.

Again we would like to say thank you to all the fans that stopped by and said hi and we look
forward to seeing you all again next week back at Cowtown.

Spike and the crew.  
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