Posted 4-27-2020

Hi everyone!

This past weekend it was back to the Devils Bowl in Mesquite and our sponsor Palm Harbor Homes was out there as well
having a Family Fun Night doing prizes and cash giveaways.

The weather was nice about 75 when we arrived at the track at 5:30. It had been windy all day but as the night came it let up
and turned out to be calm by race time.

Tonight we started inside second row for our heat race and the track looked good and fast with a few ruts in it as we
headed onto the track.

At the drop of the green flag we all took off and the pole car in front of us was a little to tight in the middle of turn 2 and
pushed up and we were able to turn in under him and came off in 1st place as we headed down the back straightaway.

We were able to stay out front the rest of the way and took the checkered flag winning our heat and putting us on the pole
for the feature race.

The track stayed about the same so we only made a few changes to the car before we headed out for our feature race.

At the start of our feature we took off and beat the outside car to turn one. At that point we had a good lead and were
starting to work lap traffic at about lap 10 when we came up on a lap car heading into turn 1.

We followed the lap car into the turn when he slowed up and we banged bumpers and they got hooked. By the time we
came loose the second place car had passed us on the bottom of the track and our nose wing was badly damaged.

We tried as hard as we could to hold on to second place with the damaged nose wing but were passed on the last lap
crossing the finish line in 3rd place.

Not the finish we wanted but not bad either. I guess we will get them next time!

As always we want to say thank you to all our friends and fans that stopped by to say hi and also to say thank you all
everyone that stopped by the Palm Harbor Homes booth as they along with the rest of our sponsors support us so please
support them by clicking their link below.

-Spike and crew.
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