5/11/09 Entry with 5/15 update below:

Hi everyone!

Well, this weekend it back to back racing with Friday night at The fair grounds in Oklahoma
city & Saturday night at Devils Bowl in Mesquite. Based on the weather forecast we did
good to get them both in.

On Friday we had a huge turn out of cars. We had 56 cars show up as the national race in
Little Rock had already been canceled. At the pill draw we drew 54 that put us in the 7th
heat race 3rd row. That makes it tough to get in the feature but we had to give it our best.

That track was fast but only had one groove to race in and we only passed 1 car finishing
fifth. That put us in the first B starting 4th and they were only taking the top two cars to the
feature. We changed the set up on the car to try to run the bottom of the track as that was
the only place to pass but there was nothing there to race on and we finished 5th.  So out
night was done along with a lot of other good cars but that’s racing.

Saturday night we had some of our friends from Palm Harbor Homes visit us in the pits for
the night and we had Davis draw for us. He drew us a 34 and with 45 cars there for the
night that put us outside second row for our heat race. At the start of our heat race the car
was a little loose and we could not keep it down at the bottom of the track and ended up
6th. That put us in the back of the first B. We tightened up the car as the track was getting
dry and were moving forward from the start. We were good from the start & had made our
way up to fifth and only needed to gain 2 more spots when another car had broke on the
track and I ran other his torque tube that had fallen off his car and smashed our left hand
header shut.

We had to pull off disappointed that we did not make the show.

Now the good news it we get to do this all again this week with two back-to-back nights
again at RPM Speedway Friday night and Cowtown Speedway on Saturday night with
Saturday being a big night for the fans with all types of added extras from our sponsor Palm
Harbor Homes. Don’t miss out!

Last, of all our 2009 t-shirts are here and you can either buy them or register to win one of
many that will be giving away by Palm Harbor Homes on Saturday.

5/15/09 update: the new Palm Harbor Homes mobile Modular Home display unit just got
done and is ready to hit the track Saturday at Cowtown! Shown in front of their Addison
offices, you'll definitely need to stop by, check it out; plus get your free 50/50 ticket when
you sign up for our email club!

As always thanks to all the fans that stopped by to see us this weekend and to our great

-Spike and crew.

For full event information as Palm Harbor and ASCS invade Cowtown Speedway, click the
Palm Harbor Homes image below:
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