5/19/08 entry:

Friday May 16, 2008

Las minute Friday afternoon we decided to give Boyd Raceway a shot. Going out there one
short of a team member, due to Jessica having to work. We knew we were going to have to
work hard. After the drivers meeting I drew #43 in the pill draw. Starting us on the back row
in the heat.

In the heat the track wasn't real heavy, but still a fast track. In the first lap I drove the top,
then soon realized I was much faster on the bottom. By the time I found my drive line in the
track I have moved up to second. With one lap left the caution light went out. We tried hard
for the 1st spot, but stayed n 2nd for the checkered.

We started 4th (outside 2nd row) in the A. As we came to turn 2, we moved to 3rd. I stayed
in 3rd until the caution in lap 6. After the restart we were still doing good , until we got to
turn 4 and I ran over the little infield tire which knocked my stirring box loose. This made it
difficult to drive the car. A few laps later I spun out in turn 2 and pulled off.

For the first time at Boyd Raceway, we did good but not as good as we would have like to.
We are looking forward to going back and doing better.

Saturday May 17, 2008

ASCS Sooner was at our regular track Cowtown Speedway. When we arrived it was very
cloudy, making us worry about the same problem we had last weekend at the Bowl.The
track looked fast and heavy. We drew #21, which put us in the 3rd in the heat.

As the heat started the track was very fast but locked down, which made for little or no
passing. We did pass one car and finished 3rd one short of making the A.

Starting poll in the B, the track was now hit and miss. I ran the bottom and kept the lead for
most of the race, until the end and had one get around me. We finished 2nd.

Starting 17th in the A, we had a dry slick track and we nailed the set up. With many passings
and after a lot of cautions in the feature we took the checkered at 9th.

The team and I had a great time this weekend. Thank you to all the fans that came out there
to watch, and support us. We appreicate the support you give us, please keep stopping by
as we are still making changes to the website weekly.

We plan to race this coming weekend at the ASCS event in Waco on Sunday night, hope
some of you can make it there!

Thank you once again for dropping by!

- Spike and the L & S Race Team.
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