Hi again everyone,

This past weekend had a little different twist to it. We raced with the ASCS on Friday night at Texarkana then we jumped
into a modified to race at Greenville on Saturday night and had a blast!

On Friday we headed off to 67 Speedway in Texarkana. When we arrived it was hot and muggy. We had 25 cars show up for
this race. We had never raced here so we took some time and checked out the track real close.

It is a red dirt paper clip semi backed ¼ mile and was a nice place. The track looked heavy and wet so we set up the car
and did some hot laps. The track was still a little wet but we thought we would be good for our race.

Poor Jessica! She drew in for us again and is still not having any luck as we starting last in the 1st heat race. Then we
headed out for our race and were hoping to have a good race and work our way forward.

At the drop of the green flag we took off only to have a car flip in turn 1. Then we all lined up again and took off and this
time we had a car flip in turn 3. We had yet to complete a lap.

Then on the next restart we all took off and on lap two we tried to pass a car on the bottom of turn 3 and banged wheels
hard. The car we hit was able to keep going but we had broke our car and had to pull off into the pits.

We were able to fix the car and then get ready for the B feature. We started 7th in the B and had to make our way to the top
6 to get into the feature. At the start of the B we took off and the car was good.

We were able to pass a few car right away and worked our way up to 3rd by the time the checkered flag flew. That would
start us 17th in the A.

We made a few changes to the car for the feature and we should have left it alone but that’s racing. At start of the A we
took off and were doing good passing a few cars but were a little to loose off the corners.

The track was still fast and we had made our way to 11th by the end of the race. Not bad to just miss out on the top 10 from
the back. So we loaded up and headed home for our night a Greenville.


Tonight I had a chance to race Jessica’s dad’s modified at the Super Bowl Speedway in Greenville. This was only the 2nd
time I had drove one. I got a few laps in 1 last year but had engine problems so did not get much seat time.

Greenville is a ¼ mile banked clay track and they had a good crowd in the stands as I headed out for hot laps. The track
was slick so I did not get a very good feel for the car before my heat race.

Tonight we drew in starting 5th in the 3rd heat race and you have to finish top 3 to get into the A so that was my goal. At the
drop of the green flag for the heat race we took off and I was able to get a little better idea of what I needed to do and after
a few laps I passed 1 car then a few laps later I passed another car and finished 3rd. We made the A

I lined up 11th in the A and took off when the green flag flew. We had a few cautions right away and then got going for a
few good laps. I had worked my way up to 7th place when I hit a slick spot trying to pass a car in turn 4 and spun out.

Now starting from the back with about 10 laps to go we took off again. The car was good and I was able to make my way
back to 10th when the checkered flag flew. It was very different but it was fun!

Again, Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to drive the modified and I hope to do it again soon. This next
weekend we will be down in Houston racing for 3 nights with the Gulf South Region.

So as always thank you to all the friends and fans that stopped by to say hi and please remember to support our sponsors.
Talk with you soon.

Spike & crew.
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