5/27/08 entry:

Hi everyone,

This weekend we ran on Sunday night at Heart Of Texas Speedway in Waco. It was hot &
windy when we got to the track about 3 pm. We had about 29 sprint cars in the pit area for
the race.

A young fan nick named Hot Rod Ford came up and had his picture taken in the car (see
below) so we also decided to let Hot Rod Ford draw for us for our starting position. He
drew a 17 pill that put us outside row 2 in the second heat. Thanks Hot Rod Great job!

We took to the track for hot laps and the car was great and with our starting spot we felt
that we were going to have a good run in our heat race.  

Then we took the track for our heat race & everything was going great at the drop of the
green flag. We moved from the outside to the bottom side in turn 1 & 2 and then going into
turn three we got tangled up with one of our competitors. We only had some minor damage
to the car but that put us at the back of the B feature. At that point we looked at our options
and decided that it made more sense to load up and go home verses using up tires and
fuel to try to make the A feature from the back of the B.

We would like to thank all the fans that stop by and said hi on Sunday as well as all of you
that have been following us on our web site. We will be racing at Cowtown this coming
weekend and look forward to seeing you there.

Spike & crew.      
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