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May 31, 2008

Hi everybody,

Well it was back to Cowtown Speedway this weekend. It was another hot and windy
Saturday night. We were surprised when we pulled into the pits that we were the first ones
there. I guess everyone else was still at home enjoying the AC.

Our friend Austin Mundie #5 mini sprint driver drew us 47 for the pill draw. I was scheduled
to start 8th in the first heat. When I got on the track the the car that was to be in front of me
was a no show, so I ended up starting 6th. Right after we took the green flag there was
room on the bottom of the track so I drove to the bottom of turn one and by the time I
exited turn two I had moved into 2nd behind George White. The track was locked down and
fast and there was little chance of passing George so we finished second.

We started the feature in 3rd and on the first lap had a competitor turn over in turn 2 which
put us on the outside of the front row for a complete restart. When the green flag flew we
got a great start & took the lead and stayed running around the top of the track. About 12
laps in I missed my entry into turn one, got it way loose and spun it out! I stayed on the gas
waiting for someone to pass me but no one ever came by. Then with 2 laps Left to go we
had another caution fly. Now I had the whole field bunched back up behind me for a
Green,White,Checkered. I knew that the second place car would try a slide job but I had
been good a the top. When the green flap dropped again I got a good start and stayed high
and the 2nd place car was not able to make his slide job work and we took the checkered
flag with about a 10 car length lead giving us our first ever win at Cowtown Speedway.

Thanks to all the fans who came out to watch and congratulate me on the win. Next
weekend we will be back at Cowtown Speedway. Keep checking the website for new
updates. And for now, I'll leave you with some pictures from Saturday night.

Thank you for the support,
Spike and Team.
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