Posted: 6-7-10

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend was a long but fun one with 3 nights of racing with the Gulf South Region.

We raced Friday night at Beaumont, Saturday night at Willis and Sunday night in Lufkin, we will start with Friday in

We got to the track about 4:30 and the weather looked like rain, in fact we pushed the car back in the trailer after we had
unloaded it as it started to rain. We were on the edge of the storm and it moved off with just enough rain to get the ground

We drew in 25 tonight starting us in the second heat inside row 3 with about 32 cars in the pit area. The track was going to
be fast and heavy so set up the car and headed out for our heat race.

At the green we took off and  the track was fast. We stayed at the bottom and were able to pass 2 cars before the
checkered flag flew. So our 3rd place finish was good enough to get us into the redraw and we drew the 8th starting place
for the feature.

The track had not changed much but the corners were drying out some so we made a few changes and headed back out
for the feature race. At the start we took off only to have the caution fly right away. Then the same thing happen on the
next restart.

The third try was a charm and we were able to run about 10 laps until our next caution. We had worked our way up the 6th
at that time and it was hard to pass as the track was still fast.

After the restart we held our spot until the checked flew ending up in 6th. It was a good start to the weekend as we loaded
up and headed for the hotel.

Night #2

Saturday afternoon we arrived at Willis. We had never been to this track and were looking forward to racing there. It was
hot, dry and dusty at 4:00 when we got there.  Our luck at drawing in still has gotten no better as we drew in 26 tonight
starting us 6th in the second heat race.

The track looked like it was going to slick off some so we set up the car and headed out for our heat race.  At the green we
took off and worked the high side. The track was fast but we were able to pick off cars 1 at a time and ended up 2nd
challenging for the lead when the checkered flew.

That put us in the redraw again and again for the second night in a row we drew 8th.  By this time the track was taking
rubber. So we changed the set up and put on some good used tires as we knew they would be junk by the end of the race
and headed out on the track.

We took off at the start and the track was fast and hard to pass. We kept working the bottom side of the track and had just
passed the 4th place car when we had a blow out on the RR tire.

They pushed our car to the work area but buy the time we got there both rear tires were flat with no tread so our night was
over. We were credited with finishing 18th when we had a chance at the top 3 but that’s racing.

Night #3

Tonight’s race was again at another track we had never been to in Lufkin. It was a D shaped red dirt ¼ mile that looked fast.
Tonight we had Doug’s wife Becky try her luck drawing in and it was no better as she drew a 40 something starting us dead
last row 4 outside in the 4th heat.

We looked over the track close and set up the car and headed out for our heat race. We knew we would have to pass a lot
of cars to get into the show with out having to run the B so we gave it our best guess and out we went.

At the green the car was good and we were able to run the top and middle some and with a few well time breaks we had
make it up to fourth when the checkered flew. We missed the redraw by 1 place but were in the show starting 9th.

The track at this time had gone dry and after the night before we put on a pair of new rear tires and headed out for the last
race of the weekend. When the green flag dropped the car was bad it turns out that out brand new RR tire had gone flat.

We made a few laps but had to pull off but also had a yellow at the same time. We changed the tire and restarted at the
back but by this time the track was junk and almost impossible to pass so we pulled off to save our stuff.

Over all we had a great weekend. We made it into the show every night with 30 plus cars and never had to run a B. We did
not tear up anything on the car but a kick rail when the tire went flat and we made a lot of new friends and fans.

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Again we would like to say thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hi and ask that you please support our great
sponsors who help us put on a show for our fans.

Spike and crew.
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