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June 17 Entry:

Race Night: Saturday June 14, 2008

Hello Everyone,

Back out at Cowtown Speedway in Kennedale, TX for another fun filled Saturday night. We
arrived out at the track about 4:15, the weather was great it was hot but we still had the
wind to cool us off. Starting the night off good with Jessica drawing me 20 in the pill.

I started second row outside in the second heat. The track was hit and miss. There really
wasn't a line to drive so it took me a lap to get around the 3rd place driver, then a few more
laps to get around 2nd place. I was racing really hard for 1st and ran out of laps finishing
the heat with 2nd.

Again starting second row out in the feature also. I tried driving the bottom but was not
having much luck there. Decided to try the top and the car really took off up there. Stayed
on the top for the rest of the race, which helped me pass a car and take the checkered at

Thanks to all the fans who came out there to watch and say hi. We are greatful for your
support. We are off this coming up weekend, and debating on the ASCS race for the 27th
and 28th this month.

Spike and Team
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