Posted 6/20/11, Race Nights 6/17-18:

Hi everyone!

Here is our update from our past weekend of racing.

Friday night we were at the Devils Bowl Speedway in Mesquite. We had 28 car in the field.

The track was slick and dry due to the hot dry & windy weather. We started 6th in our heat race and finished 3rd getting us
in the re-draw and we pulled starting spot number 4.

The race took forever but when the checkered flag flew we finished 4th right were we started. We had a good run and
based on track conditions could not have done much better.

Saturday night was about the same. The track was a little better and we started 6 again in our heat race and finished 3rd
making the re-draw again. This time we drew #1 starting us on the pole.

Spike lead the first 4 laps but the car was a little loose and we had fallen back to 4th when we had the oil filter fail on the
engine on lap 20 of 25 so our night was done.

Still we had a good weekend over all as we had a ton of people in the pits with us after the races sitting in the car and
getting pictures. We will be back at the devils Bowl again for another ASCS race on July 9th.

We may do some Friday night racing before then at RPM Speedway in Crandall if we get a chance so if you want to come
out with us just let us know!


Thank you to all our sponsors for all you do!

Steve, Mary, Jessica & Spike.