6/22/09 Update:

Hi everyone!

Palm Harbor Homes promotion scheduled for May 16th at Cowtown Speedway was
rained out.

The event has been rescheduled at Cowtown on Saturday, June 27.

Here's a picture of their track display unit:

For complete promotion details, please
click here.

It's going to be a lot of fun, and many MANY fans will win great prizes, so make sure to stop
by their display to be a part of all of the action!


We Won!

It was back to Cowtown Speedway Saturday night for a Cowtown Sprints points race. The
weather was hot, about 98 and dry when we arrived. We were short a crew member this
week as mom was home with the flu so my brother Stephen came out to help us. Thank you!

Jessica drew in for us and pulled # 27 starting us inside row 2 in the 2nd heat race. We
went out for hot laps and found that the track was already drying out so we made a number
of quick changes for our heat race then headed out on the track.

At the start of our heat race I took off and stayed on the bottom and came out of turn 2 with
the lead only to have to yellow flag fly as a car had spun out so we had a complete restart.
On the restart I stayed on the bottom again but everyone knew the track was slick now and
held their spot coming out of the first turn.

I had to race with the second place car for a lap or so before I could get past him and get a
better line and by then the leader was way out front. Our car was great off the turns so I
was able run down the leader with 1 lap to go and passed him on the final corner to take
the win.

That put us outside front row in the feature. By now the track was very dry so we made a
bunch of changes to our car and headed out for the feature. At the drop of the green flag
our car was great and by the time we came out of turn 2 we had the lead.

I think we must of had 4 or 5 cautions and It was tough to have all those restarts and on the
second to the last one the 2nd place car and I were wheel to wheel in turn 4 and we both
almost wrecked but he slid into the infield and I was able to keep going the the caution
came out again for the last time for two cars that had spun at the top of turn 1.

On the last restart I got a good run and was able to hold on for the last 2 laps to get my first
win for 2009 and also the first win for our new sponsors this year. Palm Harbor Homes.
LenMar racing engines & GSG.

This weekend we will be a Boyd on Friday night and Cowtown on Saturday night for more
ASCS Lone Star series action and a huge promotion by Palm Harbor at Cowtown.

Again, THANK YOU to all our friends, sponsors & fans for your great support and you can
check out some of the action at
http://www.darinshort.com/race.html   scroll to the bottom
of the page for the 6-20-09 race.

-Spike & crew.
All rights reserved 2009. Website by DarinShort.com
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