Hi everybody!

WOW! What a weekend. This week I get to do the update for Spike so here we go.

Friday night our race was at Boyd Speedway. It was hot and dry when we pulled in at about 4 pm. We
had about 30 cars show up for the race and Jessica did the Pill draw pulling a 42. That put us
starting last or 9th in the third heat race.

We went out and checked the track and it looked like it was going to be good so we set up the car
and headed out for hot laps. The track was still wet and we only got a few laps in but felt the track
would dry out enough that we should be just right for our heat race.

When we pulled out on the track for our heat race the track was in great shape and we felt like we
hit the set up close. At the start of the race Spike headed to the bottom of the track and had moved
to 7th coming out of turn 2. Then for the next few laps he worked both the top and bottom of the
track and made it up to 3rd at the checkered flag.

By starting 9th and finishing 3rd we knew that was enough points to get us into the top 8 in passing
points and we sent mom down to pull for our starting spot in the feature. Mom pulled number 2
outside pole. Way to go mom! as that is the perfect spot to start.

By this time the track had dried out so we set up the car to run the bottom of the track and headed
out for the feature. When the green flag dropped Spike took off and lost a few spots right away but
then settled in about 4th. We stayed there for about 15 laps and then the car started getting better
as we had hoped.

Spike had closed in on all the leaders and was about to pass the third place car in turn 3 but they
banged wheels and Spike spun out into the infield. He was able to keep on going but had fallen to
11th place. He was able to work his way back up to 9th by the time the checkered came out so he
still had a top 10 finish but lost out on a top 3 or better finish but that's racing!

So now it's Saturday and we are headed to Cowtown Speedway. This is a big night for us, the fans &
Palm Harbor Homes and they are having a large promotion for all the Fans.

We pulled into the track at 3:30 and it was hot, dry & no wind. We had the car ready to go so we went
over and helped out the Palm Harbor folks set up their display. We also pushed our car over behind
the grandstands for the kids to sit in and have pictures taken.

Also Spike did a radio interview on Race-talk radio on CNN1190 at 5:30 and they played it live on the
PA system at the track. He did a great job!

Again we had about 30 sprint cars in the pits & the race track looked fast and heavy when we
headed out for hot laps. It was still a little wet but we new it would come in. Jessica drew again for
us and drew 15 putting us inside row 2 in the 3rd heat. Then we hit the track for our heat race.

At the green flag we he took off and stayed low and came out running 3rd off turn 2 when the yellow
came out. I guess they did not like the start? So we lined up for a complete restart and tried again.
This time we took off and stayed low but spun the car out in turn one. So we brought out the yellow
and had to move to the back.

So now we try one more time and at took off again from the rear. It looked like we had missed the
set up as spike looked to be having a hard time driving the car and only moved up 1 spot so we
finished 6th.

When he came back into the pit area and we started cleaning the car I went to stand on the right
rear tire to clean the top of the wing and it was flat! So now we knew why the car was so hard to
drive. Next we went to check the line up for the B main and found that we were to start in the
second row inside.

We left the set up the same and headed out for the B. At the green they all took off and held there
positions for the first lap as the fast way was around the top. Spike worked his way past the second
place car and then we had a red flag as the 45 car had flipped and landed on the fence in a hard
crash but we were all glad to see the driver walk away with no injuries.

That gave me a chance to go out on the track and talk with spike about how the car was and what
line to run. We felt we were faster than the lead car but he was hard to pass. So on the restart he
took off and tried to get a clean pass a few times with no luck & then the yellow came out again.

On the next restart we were right on the lead cars bumper as we passed the cone and spike drove
around the leader on the high side of turn 2 and ended up wining the race by a straight away.

That put us starting 18th in the feature. We set up the car to run the top as that looked to be the fast
way around and headed right back out for the feature. At the start he could not get to the top as it
was bunched up with slower cars so he stayed at the bottom and worked his way up to about 8th
when we had a yellow flag. On the restart the car in front of us broke an axle and we were stuck
behind him as we were passed by a few cars on the top and ended up 11th when the checkered flag
came out.

Over all it was a good night. In review I think I should have set up the car to run the bottom of the
track as I think we could have been a top 5 car.

I would like to say thank you to all the people that stopped by to say hi and also say job well done to
all the people at Palm Harbor Homes for the fantastic job they did for all the fans at Cowtown

Jessica said she saw a competitor sprint car team crew member with 4 Spike tattoo's on each arm!
You just know you did it right when other teams our wearing our sponsors stuff!

As for next week we are off and the following weekend will be more back to back racing with Friday
night at RPM Speedway in Crandall TX and Kennedale Speedway in Kennedale on Saturday night.

Hope hope to see you at both shows and be sure to stop by and get a autograph card & Spike tattoo.

Steve, Spike & the crew!
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