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June 30 Entry:

Race Night: Friday June 27, 2008

Hi everyone!

The Race Team and I headed out to Kennedale Speedway Park, in Kennedale, TX for the
first ever ASCS show out there. Arriving at the track at 3 pm, it was hot and hardly any wind
to keep us cooled off. The track looked heavy at the beginning of the night. We were
wrong. It went dry in hot laps.

I drew number 46 out of 50 in the pill draw. Starting us dead last in the first heat. We had an
okay set up on the car, I was able to get up as far as 3rd with a little luck but could not hold
off the other competitors taking the checkered at 5th.

We ended up just two points away from making the A feature but it did put us   starting on
the poll in the second B. We had a great set up on the car and I lead the entire race some
laps even by a straight away. Just when I took the white flag the drive shaft broke causing
me to pull off in turn two. Two corners short of taking the checkered in first. That ended
what could have been a pretty good night but that's racing.

We had planed to run the Saturday night show at Cowtown but a family commitment made
us change our plans at the last second and it turns out the show was rained out any way.      

I want to thank all of the fans that came out to watch and support us. We will be back at
Kennedale Speedway Park this coming up weekend on July 5th. Hope to see you all out

Also check out the pictures below to see the new paint scheme on my helmet that Jessica
had painted for me. I think it turned out really cool - THANKS AGAIN Jessica!

-Spike and Team
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