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July 7 Entry:

Race Night: Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hello everyone, We Won!

This weekend we headed back out to Kennedale Speedway Park in Kennedale TX with
hopes of finishing the night with good luck due to our past experiences at this track. It
seems like we could never finish a race at KSP due to some sort of problem. We arrived at
the track around 4:30 pm, it was another hot Saturday night but we had a nice breeze to
cool us off. The car count was low, which was a shame because the track promoter did an
awesome job on the track. It didn't slick off or rubber up at all.

Dad drew for me this week and drew #11, starting me outside poll in our heat race. We hit
the set up. When I took the green flag and I was able to beat the poll sitter to turn one and
we sailed off and ended up winning the heat. That put us on the pole for the A main.

We thought the track might dry up so we changed our set up a bunch & then at
intermission they re-worked the track & did a great job. Which led us to changing our set
up back to the way it was in the heat. The car was fast again, and by the time I took the
green flag I was gone. When I got into lap traffic the car was good enough that I was able to
run where I wanted so I could get past lap cars with out having to slow down. It was a
green flag race start to finish & I took the checkered in 1st making this my second win of
the season.

Thank you to all the fans that support us and came out to say hi. Next weekend we will be
out at Cowtown Speedway in Kennedale, TX. We hope to see you there. Hope everyone had
a great 4th of July.

-Spike and Race Team
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7/5/08: After winning the feature
race at Kennedale Speedway Park.
7/5/08: With dad, after
winning the feature race at
Kennedale Speedway Park.
ABC Photography