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Hi everyone,

This was another back to back racing weekend that started out at the new RPM Speedway in
Crandall TX. It's a small 1/4 mile track and a nice new facility. When we got to the track it was hot,
about 104 but we had a nice breeze so that helped.

Tonight my brother Stephen came out to help along with the rest of the regular crew of mom,dad &
Jessica. We pitted next to our friends Skip, JB & Bubba that race the 65 car.

Before hot laps we checked out the track and it was wet and looked like it was going to be very
heavy. So we set up the car and and headed out for some laps. The track was still wet but we knew
it would get better.

Jessica drew for us tonight and drew us a 15. Starting us on the 2nd row inside in the 2nd heat
race. When we took to the track it was heavy & tight. At the drop of the flag we took off and
everyone came off turn two in the the same position.

We worked the bottom of the track as much as we could and I was able to get past the 2nd place car
after a few laps and took the checkered flag running 2nd. That put us in the feature race starting

We checked he track again before the feature and it was still heavy so we made no changes and
headed out the track. When the green flew we took off and in the middle of the first turn the car in
front of us came almost to a complete stop sideways in front of us. I was on the brakes hard and hit
him but not hard but we did damage our nose wing but kept going then the red came on for a car
that flipped in turn 3.

So now we have a complete restart after the red. This time when the flag flew we took off and the
car in front of us slid up the track in turn 1 and I went to the bottom coming out of turn 2 when he
came back down and we ran over his lf tire with our rr tire and flipped our car.

I was OK but a little mad as we had a good car and thought we had a shot at a top 5 finish. But now
all we had was a car with alot of damage to get ready in 14 hours to race at Kennedale Speedway
and it was now almost 2 am,


Our day started early.  6 am to get the car ready for tonight. We had to replace both wings and all
the mounting hardware,  the front axle, 1 wheel, 1 rear arm, the Jacobs ladder, the engine oil tank, 1
side panel along with a few other parts.

Then wash the car and do all the maintenance items, change oil, fuel the 4 wheeler & trailer
generator and so on, We finished at 4 pm and headed to the track.

Tonight's race is at Kennedale Speedway Park. We have raced here before and have always done
well. We won a race here last year so we looked forward to going.

Again it's hot but still a nice breeze. We pitted with the 65 team again and tonight mom drew for us.
Mom drew a 44 starting us 6th outside row 3 in the 3rd heat. We a had 25 sprint cars in the pits

We checked out the track and headed out for hot laps. The track seemed to have a lot of moisture
but was sealing over. After hot laps we waited to see what the track was going to do before we set
up the car for our heat race.

After looking at the track again we made a few changes and headed out for our heat race. Before
we took the green flag the outside front row car moved to the back and we moved up to start in 4th
instead of 6th.

At the green flag we took off. The track had dried out and was only one lane in the middle with no
passing to speak of. We ended up 4th and that was good enough to start us 11th in the feature

Then the lights went out! They had a power problem and the place lost power every where but in
the pits for 2 1/2 hours. It was now after midnight before our race was up. Buy this time the track
had dried out and we made a number of changes to the car.

When we took to the track for the feature we knew it was going to be hard to pass anyone as the
track was so dry. At the green flag we took off and stayed in about the same spot until a yellow came
out. Then on the restart we took off again and the track was now taking rubber.

At this point I had 2 cars pass me on the high side so I moved up and after a few laps was able to
pass them back and gain a few more spots to finish 9th at the end of the race.

I would like to say thank you to all the people that stopped by and said hi. It was fun to see a bunch
of you at Crandall that we have not seen for some time.

Also please don't forget to support our great sponsors that make it possible for us to bring you our

Our next scheduled race is at Cowtown on 7-25 so we hope to see you there.

-Steve, Spike & the crew!
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