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5/12/08 Entry
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6/2/08 Entry

Back out at Cowtown Speedway in Kennedale, TX, again this Saturday night for our regular
races. We arrived at the track around 4:45 pm it was hot and NO wind to cool us off. After
we unloaded the car Jessica and I went to look at the track and looked to be HEAVY.

Jessica drew me 45 in the pill which started us 4th row inside in the first heat. The track
was pretty heavy in the hot laps, but by the time the heat came around it started to dry off. I
was up to fifth and tried to pass on the top and ended up spinning out. After the caution it
would go green, white, checkered so I wanted to do good and trying to pass another car I
spun it out again and finished last in the heat.

That started us dead last in the feature. The car was set up good, the track was completely
gone by this time. The race went straight through with no cautions, and I ended up passing
six cars finishing 12th for the night.

We will be at Devils Bowl Speedway July 17th for the ASCS race. Thank you to all the fans
that came out to watch and stopped and said hi. We appreciate your support. Have a great

Thank you,

Spike and Race Team
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