Posted 7/18/10

Funny how things work out sometimes. As you all know we had planned to race in Houston this weekend and doing a big
promotion Saturday night at HRP. Then do to the death of Jessica's step sisted we drop our plans.

Today I checked to see who one the race in Houston last night only to find out the races were rained out!   I guess it wasn't
to be?

Spike was able to just make the race here at Crandall Friday night plus we also raced at Cowtown on Saturday. Spike even
with real bad starting spots was able to race his way from the back in to the features on both night and finished 7th both

Spike built a t-shirt gun that can shoot a t-shirt a mile and shot a bunch into crowd Friday night and had the fans at Crandall
going crazy! plus Palm Harbor Homes got some great pr from the track at the same time for doing that.

That's it for now.


ps: the following pictures from Cowtown on 7/17 are courtesy of...
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