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7/21/08 Entry, Thursday July 17 race night

Hello Everyone,

Three days after my 21st birthday. We headed to our back yard to race out at Devils Bowl
Speedway in Mesquite, TX for the ASCS National show. Jessica and I arrived at the track
around 4:00 pm, and waited patiently in the truck for the gates to open at 5.

Cody Nicholos the driver of the #101 jr mini, drew me #43 in the pill. That started me 4th
heat second row outside. The track was fast and heavy for the heats. Took the green flag
and slid into 3rd and played follow the leader for the rest of the heat, taking the checkered
one spot a head of where we started.

With that one spot we made it into the show at seventh row inside. The track was starting
to go away by the time our feature was about to start. We made several adjustments from
the heat race to the feature on the car. When the race started we let everything settle
down, the we started moving forward, got up to 12th and we had a caution. On the reset I
was working my way back up towards the front, racing for seventh or eighth and the
wheels locked up then something broke, and we were done for the night.

Thanks to all the fans that came out to watch and your continuing support. We are planning
on racing the two night show out at KSP and Cowtown this upcoming weekend. We hope to
see you there.

Spike and Race Team!
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