Hi everyone!

This week end started out with a trip to our sponsors location in Azle TX on Saturday morning. They
were doing promotion to meet the lang14.com team and check out the summer sale at Palm Harbor
Homes. They also had some great BBQ for everyone as well.

We had a great time getting to see all the folks and look forward to the next promotion we are
invited too.

We arrived at the track at 3:30 and it was hot about 98 with a good wind out of the south. It was
another Palm Harbor Homes night so we helped with the set up and took our car over to the display
area for a few hours for the fans to see.

Then at 6:00 we headed back to the trailer to get ready for hot laps. Jessica drew for us again
tonight but she was unlucky & drew a 72 putting us last in the first heat race. When we headed out
for our heat race the track was average and we felt we had a good set up on the car.

At the green flag we took off and had a yellow after the first lap for parts off a car on the track. Then
on the restart going into turn 1 I found out I had no brakes! so I drove as hard as I could passing a
few cars ending up 4th when the checkered flag flew.

When we got back to the pits we found that the brake caliper was gone along with the mounting
spuds on the rear end. The parts on the track were ours! So now we had to replace the rear end
and repair the brakes with only about 1 hour to get it done.

We finished changing the rear end and repairing the brakes just in time to head out for the feature.
We did not get much of a chance to see what the track was doing so we set it up to what we though
would be best and headed out.

We started 7th and at the start we fell back about 4 spots. The car was loose so I tried both high &
low lines. By now the track was taking rubber so I moved up and was able to start passing a few
cars and worked our way back to 7th by the time the checkered flag flew.

It was not the night we had wanted but just getting back on the track in time and getting a top 10
was great as we have now moved up to second place in the points for the season championship at

As always, thank you to all our friends and fans that stopped by to see us and a big thank you to all
our great sponsors. Because of the Palm Harbor Homes Promotion at Cowtown on Saturday night 1
lucky fan left with $1105.00 in their pocket from the 50/50 drawing. WOW!

This weekend it will be another back to back night with the Lone Star Series. Friday night in Waco
and Saturday night at Devils Bowl. Hope to see you there!

Spike & crew.
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