8/3 update:

Hi everyone,

This weekend it was suppose to be back to back nights with Waco on Friday night & Devils Bowl on
Saturday but rain stopped the Saturday show and almost Friday as well.

When we pulled into the pits a Heart of Texas Speedway Friday about 4 pm it was warm & muggy
with a threat of rain. We enjoy racing at this track and have done well here in the past and were
looking forward to a good night.

This was a Lone Star region versus the Gulf South region show and we ended up with 45 sprint cars
in the pit area to compete for the 20 spots in the feature. The track was wet & heavy due to all the
recent rain the day before.

Jessica drew for us and drew a 29. That started us inside row 3 in the first of 6 heat races.
That is a tough place to start at a fast track with a heat race loaded with good cars but we felt we
would do just fine.

As we headed out to the track for our heat race it was raining some and the track was very slick. At
the drop of the flag the car on the pole did not take off and everyone bunched up behind him and I
knocked down my nose wing some but it was going to be alright.

By the time we were all sorted out and going I was in 6th place. The car was good but the track was
very slick. I worked passed the 6th place car and went to the bottom of turn 4 to pass the 5th place
car and hit a real slick patch. I almost spun the car out but kept going.

By now the heat race was almost over and I could not close in on the other cars and we ended up
7th. We knew we had our work cut out for us now as we would be starting last in 1 of the 2 B

We made no changes to the car as the track was just getting faster as the rain had let up and the
track was real tacky. Then we headed out for our race. We were now starting 15th in the B and they
were only taking the top 3 cars to the A feature.

At the drop of the green flag we took off and the car & the track were very fast. I was able to pass 4
cars on the first lap & then we had a caution. Then on the restart I was able to pass 3 more cars
before it started to be a follow the leader type of race as the track was so fast.

By the end of the race I had made it to 7th so we missed out by 4 spots. But were very happy with
how well we did based on were we started. No only did we not make it in but in front of us were the
points leaders for both series and they missed it as well. It was a tough night for a lot of us.

Again we would like to say thank you to all the friends and fans that stopped by to say hi and ask you
to be sure to please support our great sponsors so we can continue to put on a show for our fans.

This week we will be back at Cowtown on Saturday night so we hope to see there!

Spike & crew.
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