August 4, 2008 entry:

Race Night: Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hi everyone!

It was back to Cowtown for our weekly show again this Saturday night. I know you have
been hearing me tell you it's been hot but it was 106 at the track when we arrived at 5:00.

Well this week dad did the pill draw and drew #64.I don't think he will get to draw again for a
while!!  We had 23 cars sign in and that #64 dad drew put us dead last in the third heat. The
track was good in the heat race and I was able to move from 8th to 7th on the first lap then I
banged wheels a little with the 6th place car and brought out the yellow. No damage to
anyone just a racing thing. We restarted single file with 6 to go and worked our way up to
4th by the time the checkers flew.

That would lock us in the A feature but they had a few cars drop out so there was no B.

We started the A feature outside row 6 with 21 cars in the field. The track was getting dry
up top and the bottom was the fast way around. On the first lap in turn 2 they had a wreck
right in front of me that I was just able to miss. Then on the next restart we only made it 1
lap until the caution was out again. I think we had about 6 cautions and my engine was
starting to get hot but we finally got going again and I was able to pick up a few places but
the best we could do was finish 8th. But we did get to load up the car in 1 piece.

Thanks to everyone that came by and said hi and for supporting our sponsors. We will see
you next week back at Cowtown.

RUDY GARCIA...see below...

Spike & crew.
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