8/10/09 update:

Hi everyone!

It was back to Cowtown Speedway this week for another Cowtown points series race. It was hot
about 98 when we arrived at the track at 5:00 pm. We only had about 14 sprint cars in the pits as
some racers were at the Knoxville Nationals in Iowa this weekend.

We had our friend Shawn Mize draw in for us tonight as Jessica was going to be late. Shawn drew
#27 starting us out side on the front row in the 2nd race. Thanks Shawn! The track looked great and
was going to be fast.

Then we headed out for hot laps. The car was good & track was heavy to the point that we changed
gears when we came back in. Then we headed out for our heat race.

At the drop of the green flag we took off and were side by side with the pole sitter going into turn
one. Our car was great and we came off turn 2 in the lead and just completed the first lap when the
caution flew.

Then we lined up for a single file restart and took off again on the green flag and stayed out front to
win our heat race. That would put us starting out side pole in the feature.

The track was still good but getting dry so we made a few minor changes and headed out for the
feature. At the drop of the green flag we took off and were able to beat the pole sitter into turn 1.

We had a good lead going out front until we had a red flag after about 10 laps. We took off again on
the restart and were still out front with about 5 laps to go when we caught lap traffic.

We had a hard time getting past the first lap car but finally passed him but the 2nd place car had
closed in by then. Then we ran up on another lap car and and he held us up at the top of turn 4
while the second & third place cars passed us on the bottom of the track.

Once we got passed the lap car we were able to run the leaders back down and we were all three
wide coming out of turn 2 with more lap cars in front. By the time we all made it back around to the
checkered flag we ended up finishing in 3rd place.

Over all it was a super night and it was fun racing with some great drivers while putting on one
heck of a show for the fans. We will all be back there again next week and are looking forward to
another good night.

Again thank you to all the fans & friends that stopped by to say hi. Thank you to all our great
sponsors for there support & please remember those sponsors that support motor sports.

Spike & crew.
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