8/13/08 Entry:

Race Night: 8/9/08

Hello Everyone,

This weekend set record highs for the heat in Texas as everyone knows. We reached the
hottest day of the year so far this weekend. But we were still ready to go racing out at
Cowtown Speedway in Kennedale, TX. We arrived at the track around 4:00 and it was hot,
the track looked like it had some water on it but due to us not having any rain we didn't
know how long that would last.

Jessica drew #42 this weekend. This started us in the second heat, third row inside. During
the heat race the track was fair. The heat ran straight through, and we worked our way up
to 4th for the finish.

In the feature we started fourth row outside. At the start of the race the track was dry up
top and some what tacky in the middle. Throughout the race the track would completely dry
up. We were good at the beginning of the race, but as the track dried out we started to get
worse. We had a few cautions but nothing to our advantage. I ended up taking the
checkered at sixth.

Thanks to all the fans that support us and come out to watch. We will be at Cowtown
Speedway again this week (bringing the whole family out). Have a great week.

Spike and Race Team.
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