8/31/09 update:

Hi everyone,

This weekend was what we call the parking lot challange. We raced friday night at Kennedale
Speedway Park the crossed the parking lot to race at Cowtown Speedway on Saturday night.

We arrived early Friday afternoon about 3:00 pm it was nice & sunny about 90 degrees. Our sponsor
Palm Harbor Homes was doing a promotion at the track so we wanted to be there to help out if

The tracked looked great and we had 31 cars in the pit area. Jessica drew in for us and pulled a #6
so that put us out side on the front row in the first heat. We set up the car for a heavy track and
heaed out for our heat race.

At the green flag we took off and I followed the pole sitter into turn one. The track was fast and
there was no chance to pass unless the leader made a mistake so we ended up finishing second.

That put us in the A starting 11th and the track was still fast so we left the car alone and lined up for
the feature and headed out on the track.

At the green flag we took off and the car was fast. with in the first 5 laps we had moved up to 7th
and were about to pass a car going into turn one and we banged wheels & I spun out bringing out a

They pushed me off and I restated at the back and was able to make it all the way back up to 9th by
the time the checkered flag flew. Not bad but we had a top 5 car but just not the luck to go with it.


We have headed across the parking lot and it's another nice day. The track looks great and we had
30 cars in the pait area again. Jessica drew again put it's a high number so we started inside 3rd
row in the first heat race.

Again the track was fast and it was going to be hard to pass so we set up the car and headed out for
our heat race. At the drop of the flag we took off and I was able to get around 1 car and was working
on passing the 3rd place car when I got it loose going into turn 1 and lost a few spots and finished

Now we had to start 12th in the B and try to get to 4th as they only take the top 4 cars.
The track was still fast so we only made a few changes and headed out for the B.

At the drop of the green we took off and the car was good. We had worked our way up to 6th in the
first 4 laps when we had a red flag for the light went out on the race track!

We worked on the car some to make it better as the track was getting a little slick. When the lights
came back on we all lined up and took off again. Now the car was great and we had made it up the
4th and were in the show and still moving forward when the side bell on the rear end broke and
took the brakes with it.

So what was looking so good ended with a part failure. But that's racing.

Again we would like to say thank you to all our friends and fans that stopped by to say hi and remind
you to support all of our great sponsors.  

Spike & crew.
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