Posted 9/14/09:

Hi everyone!

Sorry it took so long to get this out, but last Saturday as many of you know Mary (Mom) had to be
rushed to Baylor hospital for surgery. We hope to bring her home today as it's already been 10 days.
We would like to say thank you for all the prayers and wishes that were sent her way.


Back to RPM speedway in Crandall for the second time this year. Last time we were there we were
crashed out on the first lap of the feature and were hoping for better results.

When we got to the track it was hot & dry and about 42 sprint cars in the pit area. The track also
looked dry as we headed out for hot laps.  Jessica drew in for us & had a bad draw that put us last
in the first heat race. We set up the car for a average track and by the time we took to the track it
was already dry in places.

At the start of our heat race it was follow the leader the first lap and then I was able to get past 2
cars in turn 2 then as I entered turn 3 I came in to fast and got the car sideways then spun and was
hit by the car behind us and turned over in the middle of turn 4. Just plain driver error.

They towed the car back to the trailer and we went right to work. We tore up both wings & some
shock pins and some other minor stuff but had the car ready for the B feature.

We lined up dead last, 14th in the first B and had to get to 3rd to make it into the A.
The track was dry slick by now and we had a good set up on the car. At the start of the B I took off
and everyone was bunched up and it was hard to pass then a red flag came out.

During the red flag dad checked out the track and told me to try the top of turn 1 & 2.
So then when we restarted I went up top and passed 3 cars in the first turn so I stayed there the
rest of the race & kept working forward and ended up finishing 3rd. We made the A from 14th!!!

By now the track was just dry slick and we knew it was going to be tough to pass anyone so we set
up the car and headed out for the A. At the start of the race the track was slow and it was going to
be follow the leader.

Our plan was to stay out of trouble and see how things worked out. By the time the checkered flew
we had worked our way up to 14th. Not a great finish but good based on the way the night started.   


Devils Bowl Speedway.

Tonight you already know that we were off to a bad start with mom & all. Dad was gone with mom so
my brother Stephen & I had our hands full. We had about 42 cars again tonight and my sister Krystal
drew in for us and did great getting a # 9.

That put us outside front row in the third heat race. The track looked fast so we set up for that and
headed out for our heat race. At the drop of the green flag we took off and I was able to beat the
pole sitter into the first turn.

The car was great and we were way out front until we had a yellow flag at lap 5 that closed us all
back together. So now I took off again on the restart and the second place car tried to get past on
the inside in turn 1 but I was able to hold him off and won the heat race by a large margin putting us
starting 3rd in the feature.

The track was still looking fast when it was time to go out for the feature race but we thought it was
going to slick off by the end so we tightened up the car some and headed out.

When the green flew we took off. The car was to tight now and I lost a few spots back to 7th but I
kept trying to find a line I could drive. We stayed there most of the race but with a few laps to go
and adding some air during a red flag stop the car got better and we were able to get back up to 5th
by the time the checkered flew.

Again we would like to thank everyone that stooped by and said hi after the races along with a big
thank you to all of our great sponsors and ask that you support those businesses that support

Spike & crew.
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