Posted 9-29-09

Hi everyone,

Well we did not have a race planned for this weekend as the Lone Star series & Cowtown were both
off but at the last minuet we decided to head to Creek County to race the Sooner show.

When we arrived the weather was nice about 90 and the car count was low at only about 22 cars. We
drew in #1 putting us on the front row of the first heat race. The track was wet & rough as we
headed out for our heat race.

At the drop of the flag we took off and the out side car beat us down into the corner as they usually
have the advantage then we had a red flag for a car that turned over. Then we restarted and again
the outside car got to the turn first.

At that point we stayed in second as the track was one lane so we ended up second when the
checkered flag flew. That put us in the pill draw for the top 8 for the feature and we drew #1 putting
us on the pole for the feature.

Then we headed out for the feature. At the start we took off and were side by side when the red
flew for a wreck. The we restarted again and the red flew one more time. On the third start we got
side ways in the middle of turn 2 and the car behind us spun us around.

It was just a racing deal as he did not have time to check up for us. That put us on the back for the
next restart. When the green flew we took off and worked our way up to 10th when we had a yellow
on lap 21.

Then on the green flag we were able to pass a few more cars finishing 8th when the checkered flag
flew. Over all it was a good night and we learned a lot about setting up our car for rough tracks and
had a great time.

As always we would like to say thank you to all out friends and fans that came by to see us and
remind you to support our great sponsors that make this all possible.

Spike & crew.
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