10/16/08 Entry:

Hi everyone!

Well last week end was one of those up and down week ends for the team. We put a new
motor in the car for the Cowtown Nationals. We had hot lapped the car 2 nights before for
about 20 laps at the Devil's Bowl and it ran good. We just had to get the fuel set. Then we
hot lapped it on Friday night and it was off just a little so we made the change and went out
for or heat race. We did not get a great draw number but the track was good so we thought
we would have a chance. When I hit the track the car was running bad for some reason and
all but died when I hit the gas. I took the green flag but it would not run so I pulled in.

It turns out that when I grabbed my seat belt that I also shut off the fuel at the filter. Once
we found it we knew it would be OK. Now that we finished last in our heat race we had to
start at the back of the B feature with no chance to get into the top 2 so we used the laps
as test & Tune time.

Back to the track Saturday about 2:00. They did a Fan Fest and let everyone come into the
pits before the races and that was great for the fans.

Then before we started racing I received the Cowtown Rookie of the Year Award. I want to
thank both Cowtown & Darin Short for the award.  

Next we drew a 60 for our race and that put us on the back of heat 5. We had 3 restarts as
people kept jumping the starts but once we got going I was able to work my war up from
6th to 3rd and that puts us in the show starting outside row 8.

At the start of the A feature we moved up quick to about 10th then the lost a little ground
and then the drive line broke on the car after I did a huge wheel stand down the front
straight away and our night was over. To much JB Horse Power?

Again thank you to everyone that showed up for the Fan Fest and the races. We will be at
the Devil's Bowl this week end. Hope to see you there!

Spike & crew.
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