10/20/08 Entry:

Hi everyone!

Well this weekend was the Winter Nationals at the Devils Bowl. The weather was perfect
both nights. On Friday night we got to the track about 4 pm and did the pill draw at 6:00. We
drew 45 and that put us 3rd row inside #4. The track was lock down fast at the drop of the
green flag. We finished were we started and that put us starting 8th in the B. In the B the
track was still fast with almost no passing and we only made it to 5th so our night was done
as they only took the top 3.

Back on Saturday to try again. We had a better draw #16 and that put us outside row 1 in the
4th heat. Again at the drop of the flag the track was lock down fast and I jumped the
cushion going into turn 1 and was in 3rd by the time I had recovered and that is how it
finished. That put in row 3 inside for the B. We were very fast at the start and by the time
we finished the first lap I made it up to 2nd and that's how we finished starting 18th in the A.

At the start of the A we again were very fast and I had moved up to 13th in just a few laps
until I hooked the rut in turn 1 and then did a big wheel stand and flipped off turn 2.

I was fine but the car was done. It will need some minor frame repairs and some bolt on
parts but with it being so close to the end of the season we will just park it and freshen that
car up for next year.

We had not planned to do the STN race as we have a family event but may finish off the
year at Cowtown's November Sprint Shootout on the 7th and 8th.

Again thanks to everyone that stopped by and to our fans and sponsors for the great

Spike & Crew.
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