Posted 11/20/09

Hi everyone!

Well we just finished the last race of the year for us at the Cowtown Shootout this past weekend.
We had perfect weather for both days and had a fun but very busy time.

On Friday we arrived at the track about 2:00 and we had about 42 sprint cars in the pits.
Jessica drew in for us and drew a 72 putting us at the back of our first heat race and that was ok
being that your starting position was based on passing points.

We took to the track for hot laps at about 5:30 and the car was good and the track was good as well.
Them we headed out for our heat race. When the flag dropped we took off and were able to pass a
few cars in the first lap and after a few more laps we had worked our way up to 5th.

Then going into turn 4 a car spun out right in front of us and we had no where to go and hit him
hard with our right rear tire. Our race was done. They towed us into the pits and we got to work.

We had to replace the rear end, torque tube, drive shaft, Jacobs ladder, rear arms & RR wheel then
re- square the whole car. We got it finished just in time for our final race.

The way the format worked out for the weekend was how you finished in your A feature on Friday is
how you would line up for the B on Saturday. So we headed out to see what we could due and
hoped the car was right.

We lined up last and when the green flew we took off. The track was dry slick and slow and we had
missed the set up some. By the time the checkered flag came out we had made our way up to 13th.

That would start us 10th in the B on Saturday night being the top three cars would lock into the A for
Saturday. So we loaded the car and left our truck and trailer at the track and headed home it was

We returned back to the track at 8:00 as we had to take the car to the car wash and do all the
maintenance so we could make to Palm Harbor Homes location in Burlesson to do a car display for a
promotion they were having at 11:00.

We made it just in time and got to spend a few hours with Heidi & Don, meet & greet some
customers & the Palm Harbor staff and have some food Heidi cooked. We had a great time and then
it was time to head back to the track at 1:00.

After we arrived back to the track we unloaded the car and did some final prep work before hot laps
were to start at 3:30. We noticed that the car count had dropped a few down to under 40 cars as we
headed out for hot laps.

When we took the track for hot laps the track was wet slick so we did 2 sets but it was still wet but
getting better by the time we pulled off. We decided that it was going to be good so we set up the
car then wait for our B feature.

When we headed out for our B we started 10th and had to finish top 9 to get into the A feature. The
track was fast and our car was good when the green flag dropped. The race was 20 laps and we had
a number of cautions but we ended up working our to 7th when it ended.

That had us starting 20th in the A. We looked at the track and thought it was going to go dry so we
set the car up for a dry track. That was a mistake!! The top peeled off and the track was heavy fast.

At the green flag we were just way to tight along with many others that guessed wrong. We had a
red flag in the first lap and a few more after that and during all of those we kept working on the car
to get it better.

By the time the race was over we were up to 16th and just happy to leave the track with our car in
one piece as many others were not so lucky.

So over all we had a good finish to the year. We made it into the big race, got to spend some time
with our friends and fans & all the great folks from Palm Harbor Homes.

We will still be doing up dates every other week or so to let you know whats going on as now we
are already working on our cars for next year & we hope to do some car displays over the winter.

Again, thanks to all our friends and fans that stopped bye to see us during the year and please be
sure support our fantastic sponsors that help make this possible & have a safe & happy

Spike & crew.
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