RACE NIGHT 2/23/13:

Well race fans this past weekend was our first race of the season and with my moms birthday on Sunday we had family in
town. We decided to head to RPM in Crandall, TX for their opening night.

I had to draw in and race on passing points Lil Rusty drew me a 215 which started us 6th in the second heat. When it was
time for our heat to go on the track, it was getting fast but still a little sloppy. I was able to make my way around three cars
on the first lap, and finished 3rd in our heat. Finishing 3rd in the heat started me 6th in my A. In the first lap there was a few
cars crash right in front of me, I was able to make it through the pile of cars and move up to 2nd! On the green flag the pole
setter took off so we stayed in 2nd with a couple on laps in we were side by side racing for the lead then a caution came
out. On the restart he jumped out to the lead. I pulled him back in and were side by side again but the steering gear made a
loud pop and started to lock up and I was no longer able to race.

I want to thank Palm Harbor Homes,DGS motorsports, House of Color, my family, friends, and fans who fought the cold with
me on Saturday night! I could not do what I do without all of your support.

-Spike and crew.  

Special thanks to
Palm Harbor Homes
DGS Motorsports
Smileys Racing
Bullet Wraps
EPC Coating