Posted 3-19-10

Hi Everyone!

Racing season is back on after a long, wet & cold winter. We can’t wait for summer to return!

Our season started out this year running with the Gulf South series. We plan to race a fair number
of shows with them this year along with the Lone Star series. Our great sponsor Palm Harbor Homes
has a number of dealers in the south Texas area and we hope to get by and see as many of them as
we can this year to show our support.

Our first race was at Golden Triangle Speedway in Beaumont on 3-5. We had about 40 cars in the
pits. This was our first time to this track and we were excited to check it out.
When we arrived about 3 pm it was cold, and overcast and very damp. They had a lot of rain early in
the week so the ground was very soft and dad got the Toterhome stuck when he parked it.

The track was sloppy wet and they had a hard time getting it packed in so we started hot laps about
2 hours late. When we went out the track was slick so we did not learn much.

We drew in #12 starting us in the 3dr heat inside 2 row. We set up the car for what we thought
should work and headed out for our heat race. At the drop of the flap it was still slick but not bad.
We stayed in 3rd place and there was not much passing. Then with about 3 laps left the car in front
of us almost spun out and we had to check up and go high to miss him and then the 3 cars behind
us passed us on the bottom of the track so we ended up 6th.

Then we headed back out for the B. We started dead last in the second B on a one lane track and
made our way up to 6th by the time the checkered flag flew ending out night.

Over all it was not the night we had hoped for but not bad either as it was just to slick to advance
your position but that’s racing. Oh and a big Thank You to all the people that helped push us out of
our parking spot at the end of the night.


Saturday night the race was at Battle Grounds Speedway in Highlands Texas.
This is a track that has been around for many years with a great history but had not held a sprint car
race in close to 10 years.

The weather was sunny and fair when we arrived at 2:00 or so. The track is a nice wide 3/8 mile and
looked like it was going to be fun to race on. Tonight our crew member Doug drew for us and he
drew a 24. That put us inside row there in the 3rd heat.

We set up the car and went out to hot lap. The track was fast and smooth and we made no changes
as we headed back out for our heat race. After we took the green we stayed on the bottom of the
track and it was pretty much a one grove track with no passing yet as it was still too heavy. We
ended up 5th at the checkered flag right were we started.

That put us outside pole in the B. When the green flag dropped at the start of the B we raced side
by side with the pole sitter for the first 2 laps then were able to get by him. We stayed out front by
working the bottom then were passed by a car on the top side and ended up 2nd.

That put us in the A starting 20th. We left the car the same and headed back out. At the green the
car was good but then we had 3 restarts in a row due to wrecks before we got in the first lap.  Once
we got racing we were able to make our way up to 11th  before we cut down our RR tire and had to
pull off giving us a 16th place finish out of 24 starters.

Over all it was a good weekend. We raced at 2 new tracks and are looking forward to returning to
see if we can have better luck.

We would like to say thank you to all our friends and the people that stopped by to say hi and thank
all of our great sponsors and they are the ones that make this all possible.

Our next race will be 3-19 & 3-20 at the Devils Bowl for the Spring Nationals.

Hope to see you then.

Spike & crew.
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