March 22-23, 2013

This Friday and Saturday was the Devils Bowl spring nationals. The weather was not all that great. A little on the cold and
windy side. There were 47 cars in pits for the two day show. We drew a 57. With that pill draw we started 7th in the sixth
heat. When we got on the track for our heat race it was still a little slimy but was coming in. We took the green and the race
became follow the leader right off the bat. We were able to stay where we started and finished 7th. We didn't pass any cars
so we had to start on the b main. We started 11th in the b. They only took the top three. We had our work cut out. The track
was still fast and one line. But we were able to get up to 7th, unfortunately it was not good enough to make the A.

On Saturday morning it rained and they canceled day two of the show.

I want to say a special thank you to: Palm Harbor Homes, DGS Motorsports, Smileys, House of Colour, my mom, dad,
brother,Jessica, Doug, Becky, and all of my fans!  

-Spike & crew