Posted 7/25/11 - Race Nights 7/22 & 7/23

Hi all,

Here is your Palm Harbor Homes, Triple Jay Foundation, GSG, LenMar, Tony Romes,, RAB, L&S Motorsports, update. We this weekend we raced at Boyd on Friday night and the Abilene on Saturday night.

Friday night we pulled into the pits at Boyd to a small car count of only 16 sprint cars. Mary drew in for us and pulled a # 22
starting us 3rd in our heat race. Spike took the green in our heat race on a good track and after our 10 laps we finish right
were we started in 3rd.

That was good enough to get us into the redraw and put us outside pole for the feature. We set up the car and headed out
for the feature.

At the drop of the green flag we took off and it only took a lap or so to see we had the car to loose as the track was going
away fast. As the race went on Spike tried all the different lines on the track with no luck and we ended up 8th when the
checkered flag fell. Not bad but not what we wanted either.

Saturday after out 3 1/2 hour ride to Abilene we arrived at the track a 6 pm to 105 and sunshine. We had 18 cars tonight and
the stands we packed with a standing room only crowd.

Jessica Estes drew in for us tonight and drew a 18 and that started us 4th in the 2nd heat race. At the drop of the green
flag Spike took off and by the time in came out of turn 2 he was in the lead.

Spike was on a rail and gone, lapping 3 cars before the heat race was over and won by almost a lap. That put us number 1
in points for the redraw. Mary was first to draw and we got a #7 putting us starting 7th in the feature.

At the start of the feature we had 5 yellows before we ever got the first lap in and by this time the track had gone dead dry.
Once we got going the car was good but the track was only one lane wide and hard to pass.

By the time the checkered flag flew Spike had made it up to 4th making a good run for the night on a tough track. That
made the long drive home a little shorter.

This coming weekend we have Waco with the Palm Harbor Homes gang on Friday night the we will be in our back yard at
Devils Bowl on Saturday night.

Be sure to come out and join us and as always, Thank You! to all our great sponsor's for your support your just awesome!


On a side note most of you know we have not been chasing points this year but Spike has been doing great and is up to
4th in ASCS points and has a shot at 3rd before the season ends. Go Spike!    

Steve, Mary, Jessica & Spike.