POSTED 8/1/11 - race nights 7/29 & 7/30

Hi all,

The Palm Harbor Homes, Triple Jay Foundation, GSG,, Tony Rome's, LenMar, L&S Motorsports, R.A.B. car
had a good weekend overall.

Friday night we raced at the Heart of Texas Speedway in Waco. We pulled into the gate at 6pm and had a total of 35 sprint
cars. We drew in at number 74 putting us last in the 3rd heat race with a bunch of good cars.

At the drop of the green flag Spike was able to get past 3 cars by the time we hit the back straight away and that was all we
would get as the track was locked down and fast. That turned out to be good enough to get us into the A main starting 16th
without having to run in a B feature.

We made our changes then headed out for the A. The track had started to go dry and we thought we had a good set up.
After 4 tries we got in the first lap and the car was good. Then by lap 12 Spike had climbed from 16th to 7th and was flying
when the car in front of him jumped a tire and spun out in front of Spike with no were to go and took us out of the race.

We were credited with a 18th place finish but were disappointed as we had a top 3 car but luck was not on our side tonight
but that's racing.

Saturday it was back to what used to be our home track the Devils Bowl Speedway in Mesquite. We again had 35 cars in the
pit and Jessica drew a number 12 starting us outside front row in the 3rd heat race.

The track was good as we took the green flag and there was no passing at all so we finished right were we started in 2nd
place. Due to the good draw and finish were made the feature starting 12th so we set up the car and headed out.

The track was still fast at the drop of the green flag and there was not much passing at first. Then as the track worked into
two lanes Spike was able to work his way forward finishing 5th at the checkered flag.

At the end of the race we had a lot of folks come down and tell Spike he did a great job as he was the only one passing

Again thank you to all our great sponsors for all you help and support and we look forward to seeing you at our next race.

Steve, Mary, Jessica & Spike.