Posted 8/10/10

Waco 7/23:

This past weekend we headed south of the DFW metroplex to Waco TX (heart of texas speedway). The sun was out but we
had some clouds and a nice breeze in the trailer so we stayed some what cool. Jessica drew for us tonight and she drew a
41 out of 45 pills so we were starting in the back. I started in the third heat 3rd row outside. The track was all ready starting
to dry out out after hot-laps. The 14 crew was able to get a good setup on the car and we pass on the top and bottom to
move up to the third spot at the end of the heat.  With us finishing in that position we started in 11th in the amain and the
track was right around the top for the a. At the start we were able to work are way up 8th or so but then it when down hill
from there. Two fellow racers in front bumped wheels and crashed in front of me, I had no where to go so i slid over the
front end of one of the competers and knocked out the front end of are car and we were finished for the night. As we all
know and say cant win them all.

Thanks to the crew and sponsors for all there help.
Spike Lang

Devils Bowl 7/24:

Last night we raced in Waco TX and we crashed out the front end. When that happened it broke the frame so thanks to
Larry Long and Brian for welding it up Saturday afternoon before we raced. Today there was a lot of sun and no breeze or
clouds so it was hot!!! Jessica didn't feel like drawing tonight so Doug are crew member drew for us and he drew a 19 witch
was a good number. the track was fast in hot-laps so we changed just a little for the heat because the track was still good.
We started second row inside in the second heat. We took the green flag and i had a good run on second going into turn
one but was not able to complete the pass so we had to settle for third in are heat. We made it in the show but we were the
last one to make it in. starting 16th in the a was a long way to go towards the front. The track was dry and around the top
like Waco. We had a great setup on the car tonight and we were able to move all the way up to sixth and all most fifth when
the checkered drop.

Good night overall and thanks to the crew and palm harbor homes for all they do.

Thanks Spike Lang

Devils Bowl 7/31:

In our back yard. That is were the crew went to race at Devils Bowl Speedway. We arrived at the track around
six thirty are we basically ready when we get there. Since this was a none ascs race just a weekly race at Devils Bowl we
had to start last in are heat because we had no points. The track fast for hot-laps and the heat. we started third row outside
and at the start one of the cars had a problem getting going to i drove to the bottom and was able to past up to third. As
the race went on i was closing on second but didn't have enough laps to catch him. So for the A main i was starting sixth
and the track was going dry really fast. The crew made some changes to the car and we set out for the feature. The first
start was called back because someone jumped out of line witch was a good thing for us. The second start we passed two
cars going into turn one so we were now in fourth spot. We had two cautions come out and on the restart of the second
one i was able to pass for third place. We had about to more but the track was so dry and not good i was not able to move
up anymore so we finished the night in third again. good night overall came home in one piece and had a fun time.

Thanks once again to our sponsors and fans, we wouldn't be able to race if it wasn't for y'all.

Thanks Spike And Crew  
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