Posted 9/8/'s 3 updates in one!

Cowtown 8/7:

Cowtown speedway had a sprint show non ascs for this weeken and we were glad to race there since we use to race ther
every weekend.They had 25 cars shows up and i drew the last number in the bucket so we started last in the first heat. The
track was good and fast and we moved up to third in the and stayed there when the checkered flag flew. That put us in a
good starting postion 2nd row outside. at the start we fell back to fifth but was able to move back up second and the track
starting taking rubber. i had to slow up to save are tires to finsh the race and we ened up the night in sixth place good
night overall.

Thanks to our crew and sponsors

Devils Bowl 8/14:

This weekend we raced in are back yard at Devils Bowl speedway. Here we did not draw because they go off a points
system that put us in the first heat starting fifth. At the drop of the green flag we took off up to second coming out of turn
one and stayed there till the checkered. In the a main we started poll because we had the most passing points in the field.
The track was dry and around the top so we set the car up were we thought it should be and went out. We lead the whole
race from flag to flag and but the palm harbor Smileys racing and Lenmar sprint in victory lane.

Thanks to the crew and our sponsors

Beaumont 8/20, Devils Bowl 8/21:

This weekend was a two day weekend Friday night we raced in Beaumont TX with ASCS Gulf South. There was 27 cars on
hand tonight and we drew a 35. Stating sixth in the 2nd heat the track was good and to good because there was no passing
we ended up with finishing 7th in the heat. We did not make it in the show so we had to run the b-main. Top six moved in
and we started 7th and ran 5th. We started 19th in the a now and the track was drying out we made some quick changes
and went out for the a. We had raced are way up to about 10th when the rear end in the car broke (i thought) so i pulled
into the infield and that finished are night. The shifter cable broke and knocked it out of gear.

We traveled back home to Dallas to race at Devils Bowl speedway again. Tonight there was only one heat race and we
started sixth in it and the track was pretty good. We moved up to fourth buy lap two and thats were we finished. In the
a-main with are points put us in the sixth starting position but the car was running bad. I took the green flag and the car
ran worse and was trying to die. The fuel pump had gone bad. So i had to pull off the back straight and end are night but
the car felt fast for the track.

Once again thanks to all are sponsors and crew for all the long help and support.
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