Posted 9/10/10

This weekend we headed out to Tyler TX (Rose Bowl) with are 305 motor that was just finished up. We were not able to
hot-lap because the track was running behind on the time. When I drew in I drew a  35, where i ended up starting up in the
last spot in the second heat. We out for the heat feeling good about the car and set up. As i took the green flag i split two
cars off of turn four then the caution came out for a bad start up front, so i slowed down and the two guys i past ran over
my right rear tire and also took the top wing off witch ended are heat race for us.

We got the car all fixed for the a-main in witch we were starting last in since we didn't get to finish are heat race. The track
was drying out so we changed the car a little more. We were kinda worried how the motor was going to run now since we
had no hot laps or a heat race to see. When the green fell i start working my way up to the front. By the first caution witch
was five laps in or so i was up to 10th. We the restart i closed in on a couple more cars and was now up to 5th when the
caution came out but the motor was getting hot. I restarted the next one and raced two laps into fourth and the motor was
really hot so i had to pull of to keep from hurting are motor.

Fair night overall great to see the Tyler Palm Harbor representative and give the fans prizes.

Thanks to all are sponsors and crew!

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